‘Red Power’

When strength is bundled together

The colour choice was leading for this painting. I really wanted to work with red. The power and energy that red represents are so amazing to work with. In the first stage of creation, the texture was applied in a way that it was all leading towards one point. The circular lines are being drawn towards the middle of the painting.

Sometimes it’s a matter of finding your focal point and aim all your power towards that point. When strength is focused and bundled, anything is possible beyond your own belief.
Red Power


Acryl verf op een structuur ondergrond
Formaat doek: 85 x 65 cm / 33 x 26 inches
Standaard geleverd in een zwarte baklijst
Buitenmaat lijst: 85 x 65 cm / 33 x 26 inches
Klaar om op te hangen