‘Orange Encounter’

When life changes forever

I was working on this piece right before I welcomed my first visitors in my atelier. The visitors were full of admiration and they loved my work. This was such an amazing experience! That was the moment I truly could feel I was turning into an artist. It gave me such a boost, there was just no turning back after that point. The creation of this work was very intuitively. It was only much later that I saw the meeting of two figures in this painting.

May this painting support you in reminding that life-changing moment or make it happen for you.
Orange Encounter


Acryl verf op een structuur ondergrond
Formaat doek: 100 x 120 cm / 39 x 47 inches
Standaard geleverd in een zwarte baklijst
Buitenmaat lijst: 104 x 124 cm / 41 x 49 inches
Klaar om op te hangen