‘Lavender Lace’

Delicacy of transformation

The structure in this painting is built up in many layers of texture. On top of that many shades of purple, indigo, and a blush of pink. As they are mixed with each other and powdered with white paint, they are blended and transformed. The structure symbolizes the very fragile yet strong process of releasing the old and allowing new energy full of new opportunities into our lives. May this painting support you in a smooth and easy path through any transformation.


Acryl verf op een structuur ondergrond
Formaat doek: 45 x 55 cm / 17,5 x 21,5 inches
Standaard geleverd in een zwarte baklijst
Buitenmaat lijst: 50 x 60 cm / 19,5 x 23,6 inches
Klaar om op te hangen