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Free yourself...

Release stuck energy, old habits and restrictions. This is the energy theme for today. And this is what happened to me that day.

That morning I received a message via Messenger. I did not expect anything else than a 'Hi Vi', so I opened it. There it was a very graphic picture of a child with a swollen eye and a bruised face. The message under it mentioned: "If you are really against abuse, etc... You must share this."

My heart stopped for a brief moment and I closed my eyes. I could feel the pain, shame and fear running down my spine.

It took me some time to recover. I was puzzled why was such a statement send in a private message... Why was it not shared right away to a broader public? At the same time, I started to realize, it’s also good that someone cares enough to mention it and share it.

In my younger days, the trouble has been that people could turn their head the other way. To difficult to deal with. Not because they don’t care... but it IS so difficult to deal with in a constructive with integrity.

Although the abuse itself happened decades ago. Life has been very very challenging to find my way in it. I will always know where my bruises are. Maybe not right away visible, but they will always be a part of me.

It has taken me some hard and honest work to reach the point where I am today. Where I finally feel that it is possible to integrate the tough start of my life. It's even possible to transform this quicksand past into a strong foundation for my future to build a happy and sparkling life upon.

So I'm feeling... Maybe I can transform this clear and undeniable message into an invitation. Maybe now is the time to open up and show people the real VI. The soft side, the strong side, the side I felt I had to hide under a lot of distance, just to make sure nobody could ever come close enough to see the cracks.

Well, I guess it’s time to release. The cracks are happening and they seem to be filled with color and wisdom and sparkles. Most of all they are filled with trust. That there is room for me in this world. There is room for Vi.

At the beginning of my life as an artist, I made a painting about this theme called: 'Cracked Concrete - when truth needs to break free.' It was the first print I ever sold. On the first day of a new year. Wow, I was so happy. It was an amazing start off that New Year. That was the sign I was waiting for. From then onwards I knew for sure: In my art, my truth is set free..




Giving people energy and really touching them with my paintings

It's my mission in life is to spread my sparkle and reach people in their core essence. I feel so lucky to have this undeniable urge to paint and put all this radiant energy into my paintings.

Vi Arnolli