All my paintings represent parts of me.

My work is my interpretation of the inspiration I find in my daily life. Either the beautiful view of the authentic nature around me or the wonderful spirit of people I meet. All my experiences and emotions come to life in my paintings.


My originals are built up layer by layer.

The foundation consists of a ‘home-made’ structured paste. This paste is sculptured on to the stretched canvas. And provides the first design on which I work my second layer. The second layer is water based Acrylic paint.

Art wasn’t supposed to look nice;
it was supposed to make you feel something.

Rainbow Rowell


I love this quote. This reflects perfectly what I want to accomplish with my art. I want to reach people, I want to let people feel the message that is there in my art. Let my paintings tell my story and at the same time remind the viewer of parts of their own story that are ready to be remembered, or discovered or even healed. My art is described as moving, and touching something deep inside of the viewer. Each time people look at a painting, they see something different.


My favourites

Teal Sea

My love for the sea, the oceans and the crashing waves.

Silver Lining

Always finding the positive in any situation.

Magic Rain

What remains shifts into a new beginning.

Endless Blue

Can't wait to experience what the future holds.